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Evolution Academy Charter School Ebola Virus Disease Guidelines


1.    To inform & provide guidance to Evolution Academy Charter School personnel with regards to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).


1.    A patient with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), also known as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, was recently evaluated & transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital by Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics.

2.    At this point, no Evolution Academy Charter School personnel have been exposed.

EVD Transmission:

1.    Ebola virus can be transmitted ONLY via DIRECT contact with the bodily fluids (e.g. blood, saliva, vomit, feces, urine or semen) of a SYMPTOMATIC, INFECTED person.

2.    Ebola virus CANNOT be transmitted by casual contact, such as being in the same room with an infected individual.

3.    Persons infected with Ebola virus are ONLY contagious when they are SYMPTOMATIC. In other words, patients infected with Ebola virus are NOT contagious during the asymptomatic incubation period immediately following infection (which ranges from 2 to 21 days, with an average 8 to 10 days).

Patient Signs and Symptoms of EVD that suggest the possibility that a patient may be potentially contagious:

1.    Fever

2.    Headache

3.    Malaise (feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness)

4.    Body aches

5.    Fatigue

6.    Nausea

7.    Vomiting

8.    Diarrhea

9.    Bleeding of unknown origin

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